All you need to know about Natural Immunity Booster

Foods like turmeric, ginger, yogurt, garlic, and citrus fruits help in boosting one's immunity and help in staying healthy. Read on to view the full details.

Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal Created on 29th Jun, 21

Being highly immune is a boon especially during this pandemic time. Immunity is the most powerful shield that protects us from dangerous viruses like Covid 19 and other diseases. 

So, it is essential to have a good immune system to stay away from harmful diseases for good. People with a weak immune system are more vulnerable to suffer from different illnesses and health issues.


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We usually wonder how come our parents and grandparents have high immunity levels and do not fall ill often? How come they are so fit and healthy even now? 


How come they are so energetic and active even at this age? What is the secret behind their health?


That is because they never used to eat junk foods like pizzas and burgers as we do. They never used to rely on outside food. Their meals were more nutritious than our meals. They lived in the real world and spent more time with nature, unlike today's generation who live in a reel(virtual) world and spend more time with digital devices.


When we fall ill, we rely on bitter pills, unlike our parents and grandparents who always relied on natural remedies. They always relied on natural things to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. Anything natural is long-lasting. 


Not only natural things are long-lasting but even their results are long-lasting. Natural remedies lead to long-lasting health and well-being. Yes, nature is the secret behind their good health! 


So, this article reveals some of these natural secrets that lead to a good immunity system as well as good and long-lasting health.


What are the secrets to boost one's immunity naturally?

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The following natural immunity boosters help in improving our immunity system and are beneficial for our overall health.

1 . Proper sleep: 

Sound sleep is essential for sound health. Adults need to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Whereas, teens need sleep of 8-10 hours and children and infants need 14 hours of sleep. Try to stay away from mobile phones, computers, and other digital devices to get proper sleep. Anything positive like praying before sleeping can help in getting good sleep.


2. Avoided sugary foods

Sometimes, sugar does not make things sweet but makes them bitter! Sweet foods can at times make things bitter instead of making them sweeter. Yes, sugary foods are harmful to our health and can make our health bitter.


Sugary foods make one prone to illnesses like obesity and diabetes which lead to weakened immunity. So, it is important to reduce consuming sugary foods to increase one's immunity.


3. Regular Exercise

What can be more natural than nature! It is essential to spend more time with nature by going for outdoor exercises and by going for a walk regularly. This will help in boosting one's immunity.


4. Drink plenty of water

When talking about nature, how can one forget water? Drinking plenty of water is essential to avoid dehydration and the complications that are caused due to dehydration. The best general physician in Safdarjung advises drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day.


5. Take less stress

Though stress is natural, it is devastating. It is not a natural immunity booster but a natural immunity barrier! Yes, stress is the cause of major illnesses and diseases. 


So, it is important to manage stress to have a good immune system and good health. One can manage stress by practising yoga and meditation and by staying positive and happy.


6. Foods: 

When we fall ill, we all might have heard our grandparents advising us to have turmeric, ginger, and other natural home remedies. These natural remedies are a secret to their good immunity and health! 


So, let's make these natural remedies our health secret too! Foods like turmeric, ginger, yogurt, garlic, and citrus fruits help in boosting one's immunity and help in staying healthy.



The most unique quality of natural things is that they are everlasting. This unique trait of natural things is also transferred in the results they produce. Natural immunity boosters lead to everlasting immunity and health. They are a secret to good health and immunity. 


They protect us from harmful and dreadful illnesses and viruses. If you are feeling weak and ill, it is advisable to visit a general physician clinic in Safdarjung, Delhi for treating your illness. Your doctor in Safdarjung will help you redeem yourself from your illness and make you fit and healthy. 


It is essential to stay strong to fight dreadful illnesses and viruses. And for staying strong, having good immunity is a must! The above immunity boosters help one to stay strong and win against dreadful illnesses. 


We all are aware of the line "Survival of the fittest"! And good immunity is the key to stay fit! It is a key to survival!