Typhoid fever, diarrhea, and vomiting are all symptoms of a bacterial infection called typhoid. It has the potential to be lethal. Salmonella typhi is the bacteria that causes it. The infection is spread by infected food and water, and it is more common in areas where handwashing is not practiced. It may also be spread by carriers that are unaware that they are carrying the bacteria An estimate of annual typhoid incidence rate of 493.5 cases per 100,000 person-years has been reported from India.

When you have a headache, it becomes difficult to concentrate at work or perform your day-to-day activities. Most frequently than not, a headache might be because of stress, household pollutants, or lack of sleep, which can be taken care of easily. But if it lasts longer or turns into a severe pain then you need to take it seriously. Says Dr Ramit Singh Sambyal who is one of the best Delhi based general physician.

Several research studies have proved that as compared to non-smokers, smokers with asthma have higher chances of many risks complications. Here Dr. Mukesh Mahajan who is one of the best doctor practicing in Pune will be shedding light on the ill-effects of smoking and why quitting smoking is best for asthma patients.

What is a Viral Fever?

Published on 8th Feb, 21

A viral fever is any fever that’s actually caused by an underlying viral illness. A variety of viral infections can affect humans, from the cold to the flu. A low-grade fever may be a symptom of the many viral infections. But some viral infections, like dengue, can cause a comparatively higher fever.

Diabetes - What To Do?

Published on 2nd Feb, 21

Diabetes is a problem which can be controlled by maintaining a proper diet & healthy lifestyle. “It is a situation where your blood glucose level goes up & cannot be easily controlled. It also comes with many other risks such as heart diseases” Says Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal who is one of the best general physician practicing in Vasant Kunj.