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Best General physician and thanks for immediate attention. No waiting time was the best point.

Great. The doctor is very considerate and will do everything to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the treatment. Dr Ramit is very humble and gives you a feeling that you are talking to a friend. He told me to have realistic expectations and gave insightful opinions on how I can get the best results.

Dr Ramit is a very knowledgeable and experienced doctor. His counselling and medication are very effective. He is soft-spoken and treats his patients very professionally. I recommend to all patients to consult Dr Ramit Sambyal during emergencies of medical help.

Dr. Ramit is listening to all queries and answers all of them. Review all reports and prescribe medicines accordingly. Thanks for my treating doctor.

Dr. Ramit is very humble, I took his consultation as I was tested covid positive. He gives details about every issue and carefully listens to all your concerns. As I was battling covid for a month, he was available to me over WhatsApp as well and provided consultation many times without charging. He keeps patient's health on top of anything. He is an awesome doctor and has a bright future ahead. Wishing him a lot of success.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Ramit. He is incredible. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such a humble way of treating the patients with an outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming his patient! Best wishes for his future!

Dr Ramit is very humble and helpful. He is available 24x7 when you need him either on WhatsApp or on call. He helped me regularly with all my doubts and medications for each and every problem encountered when my mother tested positive for covid. Highly recommended him.

Great doctor! Helped us a lot during the current coronavirus crisis. Gave the exact treatment needed and was always only a message away. Excellent communication! Excellent work! Thanks once again!

Guys dr.ramit is one of the best doctor in delhi ,he works with to you address your health concerns,rather than just telling u what to do .he wants to make sure u are comfortable. Dr. Ramit ramit is best doctor and really cared about his patients.

Dr. Ramit is a very nice and polite person. I had stomach bloating and back ache problems. He thoroughly examined my problems and explained each and everything so well. He gave me a detailed diagnosis. I would highly recommend him.